Mauro Mosconi,  PhD

HCI researcher & usability professional

Mauro Mosconi is a part-time assistant professor at the University of Pavia (Italy), a usability professional, aweb designer and an entrepreneur.

He received the Dr. Eng. (Master) degree in Electronic Engineering and the Ph.D. degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering. His research activity, by the Department of Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering of the University of Pavia, is mainly focused on human-computer interaction. He is teaching courses of "Human-computer interaction" in the Faculty of Engineering and "Persuasive Design" in joint faculties.

He was one of the web pioneers in Italy, founding at the beginning of 1995 one of the very first Italian Web Agencies, and after more than 25 years of activity in the web sector, with other companies he founded, he is now having fun with a new editorial project: PSYCOMIX.

He lives in Soresina, 70 Km far from Milan. He is married to Maria Teresa, and they have three children.

His e-mail address is